Finance ops automation combines technology and services to simplify and automate repetitive and admin. tasks that don’t add value, yet take time, effort and resource.

We automate high-volume, repetitive finance tasks

Why automate your finance tasks?


  • Delivers significant time & cost savings

  • Dramatically increases accuracy

  • Reduces frustration & stress, especially at month end

  • Increases productivity - your finance department optimised and engaged

End-to-end, enterprise grade finance process automation


  • Advanced supplier funding administration

  • AI enabled invoice compliance analysis

  • Invoice validation & approval on auto pilot

  • Dynamic discount manager

  • Intelligent buying platform

  • Supplier account reconciliation

Some examples

Financial Planning

Inventory obsolescence

  • Systematic capture & cleansing of data
  • Automated analytics and consistent calculations
  • Simple, bespoke output
  • Advanced data manipulation
  • “What if” scenarios at the touch of a button

Revenue Accounting

Days sales outstanding

  • Automate processing and analysis of data
  • Predictive modelling for future months
  • Live data with drill-through to identify causes and take action
  • Gain Detailed Insights

General Accounting

Promotional funding

  • Automated calculations through technology & workflow
  • Audit trail of calculations and validations/approvals
  • Reduce supplier queries
  • Value added MI for better supplier negotiations

Accounts Payable

Statement reconciliation

  • Suppliers send electronic statements directly our online buying portal
  • Automated invoice matching – identify and workflow for exceptions
  • Time saving and improved accuracy

Internal Audit


  • Interrogates millions of records in seconds
  • Evaluate problematic transaction types – no-sale, discounts, voids etc.
  • Visualise findings, trends and insights with drill-through capability

Transformational results in key finance processes

FP&A - unstoppable planning


  • Aggregates multiple different systems & data sources
  • 50 hours of manual data manipulation reduced to 1 hour per month
  • Eliminate human errors in calculations

Revenue Accounting - instant access to data


  • Reduced manual calculations using spreadsheets = consistent calculations
  • Real time insights enable truly agile decision making
  • An easy to interpret graphical format

Account Payable Department - optimised


  • Dramatically reduces a tedious, time consuming process
  • Suppliers “self serve” to check status of their invoices
  • Automatically identify invoice processing errors

Internal Audit - tangible reduction in fraud


  • Reduces the time needed to identify fraud
  • Identify approvals close-to sign-off limits/outside working hours
  • Change in processes to vastly reduced fraud risk

Why trust us?

“For the first time we are able to see revenue and costs on member by member and location by location basis.  Reports are easy to put together. I can pick a location and create a chart on it very quickly.”

Group Reporting Manager, UK Leisure Business

“We are obviously extremely pleased with our results. We want to really celebrate the successful results we have acheived with our teams – I think a team night out to reward everyone is in order!”

Purchase Ledger Manager, £200m+ UK Retailer

“We are very happy with the level of detail in the reports that we can now produce. Our FC will be reminding me of the findings come her next pay review! We are really impressed with how well you work with our team”

Head of Finance, £1bn+ Multi-national Retailer

“I can now see the full picture,  working with the buying teams to optimise the types of property we build & what we should pay for the land. Current & historic data saves us time, making decision-making easier.”

Operations Director, FTSE 100 Housebuilder

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