We Boost Profits by recovering overpayments, Improve Performance through operational analytics & Generate Savings and Efficiencies through automating finance processes.

What we do

Recovery Audit

Finance Ops. Analytics

Finance Ops. Automation

  • Recover overpayments to and under-deductions from suppliers

  • Improve contract compliance & governance

  • Identify and prevent fraud

  • Data-driven answers to business questions and challenges

  • Identify and remove process obstacles

  • Reduce costs

  • Simplify and automate administrative and mundane tasks

  • Create time to focus on more valuable tasks

  • Improve speed & accuracy

Key benefits

Recovery Audit

  • Outsource to the experts with proprietary technology
  • Identify & Eliminate Cash Leakage
  • Boost Profit Margins Without Risk
  • Reduced Supplier Queries
  • Tighter Compliance
  • Prevent Future Overpayments

Finance Ops. Analytics

  • Make simple, quick, data-driven decisions
  • Interactive dashboards & reports that answer your questions and challenges
  • Visualise trends and develop what-if scenarios
  • Improve process, accuracy and enforce policy
  • Spend your time making decisions, not trying to obtain and manipulate data

Finance Ops. Automation

  • Efficiencies through automation of administrative tasks
  • More engaged employees as they work on added-value tasks
  • Reduce errors as 88% spreadsheets contain at least 1 error
  • Quicket and more reliable processes

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What our customers say

“For the first time we are able to see revenue and costs on member by member and location by location basis.  Reports are easy to put together. I can pick a location and create a chart on it very quickly.”


Group Reporting Mgr., UK Leisure Business

“A partner who took time to understand and create value across the business.  They recovered a significant amount of money for us and importantly improved efficiency and helped us stop making the same errors going forward”

HO FP&A , £500m+ International Retailer

“We are very happy with the level of detail in the reports and the speed which we can now answer the questions posed.  Our Finance Controller will be reminding me of the findings come her next pay review! We are really impressed”

Head of Finance, £1bn+ Multi-national Retailer

“Before, buying, sales and ops teams all created their own data and reports.  We now have centralised analytics and a single version of the truth.  This has saved saved us time but more importantly makes decision-making quicker, easier and more robust.”

Operations Director, FTSE 100 Housebuilder

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