Improving performance is key to success,

personally and in business.


How are you performing?  Why?  What needs to happen to improve?


We help answer these questions, enable you to make good decisions and achieve your goals.


Barcanet - A Name You Can Trust

We combine powerful analytics, innovative technology and a multi-functional team of experts who love solving your complex problems.


Focusing on your needs, we provide insights that improve performance at every level –

helping you make the right decisions to achieve your goals.


With over £10bn data being analysed, we support customers across retail, manufacturing, transport and services, improving performance of finance, buying and operations teams across the world.


An Expert Approach

At Barcanet we make the process of working with us as simple as possible, it just works better that way.

Our Promise

We deliver exceptional value and service by employing great people who have the freedom and expertise to create a great product.

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What areas do you want to improve?


We employ a ‘framework method’ to answer your questions and improve your performance.


We centralise disparate data sets from across your organisation, identify and link relationships within this data and generate insights, conclusions and what-if scenarios you can’t see from the data sets in isolation.


Easy said, difficult do!


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Effect Change