Business leadership needed to understand the true cost of its talent to support future planning scenarios.  Often this leads to a manual, time consuming and error prone process.

Problem to fix – scaling talent to meet business requirements

With information spread across the organisation, HR struggled to reconcile and calculate the total cost of its workforce.

The team mapped and aggregated all available data and processes;

  • Salary and benefit information from the HR system
  • Cost data from an ERP tool which included central and local overheads and expenses.

Automating the ongoing collection and analytics of this data, the business can now visualise all the different elements in a single, interactive view using a suite of pre-built dashboards – such as actual and planned headcount and actual versus planned workforce costs.

Moreover, HR can model costs and impacts of workforce changes live – for example;

  • Modelling workforce costs across multiple locations
  • Better understanding the cost of entering new markets.

Using automated analytics reduced the time-to-produce from weeks to minutes and removed the manual intervention errors which gave decision makers confidence in the data and insights.