cost of your cloud

It’s easy for cloud costs to get away from you if they are not properly managed. It’s a common scenario for a company to employ some cloud services having been lured in by an attractive low price and then when the initial term ends, costs shoot up and/or companies are hit with extortionate bills for cloud apps they didn’t even know they were running. What makes this even more problematic is that it’s hard at that point to look back and attribute these costs to specific projects or users.

Cloud-based services are rapidly growing in popularity due to the flexibility they allow businesses, and as such organisations are signing up to them and deploying them company-wide. By allowing a third-party to run this IT operation, it’s easy to lose control of it, operationally and financially.

So how can businesses protect themselves from high running costs and the overuse of irrelevant cloud apps?

Like any service, cloud-based services need to be managed. Adopting a financial management system is key, with an individual or team, usually within the I.T. department, appointed to manage it.

Budgeting for IT projects, monitoring the cloud services your company actually uses and shutting down or removing unused apps are just the start. Tagging resources or grouping activity can provide insight and control over usage. Every transaction within the cloud; storage, file transfers etc. can all be monitored and costs attributed.

Forecasting is also important in tracking the cost of your cloud. Alerts can be set up by most service providers, notifying you when you have reached or are approaching your limit.

Use cloud management tools, particularly if you are using multi providers. There are lots of tools on the market that can help you manage your cloud spend and usage. It’s predicted the integration they allow to monitor multi providers, whilst limited at the moment, will develop quickly over the next few years.

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