Finance ops analytics focuses on your challenges. Creating insights, conclusions and what-if scenarios, that enable better, quicker, simpler decision-making.

Data Scientists are in short supply.  Even when you have them, 80% of their time is spent collating and cleansing data.  Our ‘analytics-as-a-service’ provides insights that make sense of your finance and operational data.

Advantages of our  fully managed

finance ops analytics service

Deep insights into all your business functions

AP Insights

On average, payment errors cost businesses £75,000 for each £100m turnover.

  • Comprehensive Analysis of every invoice and payment
  • Recover Monies Owed from historic transactions
  • Identify Errors before payments are made
  • Prevent human and systemic error

Finance Insights

Looking to optimise your working capital?

  • Analyse every aspect of your procure-to-pay process
  • Generate Efficiencies through targeted insights
  • Optimise payment terms
  • Fully Utilise early settlement discounts
  • Ongoing Monitoring to drive continuous improvement

Operations Insights

Do you want to drive efficiencies across your business?

  • Line-item Level analysis of costs and consumption
  • Analyse past & present performance across the organisation
  • Identify best & worst practices to drive improvement
  • Sustainable Savings through process & behavioural change

Pricing Insights

Are suppliers invoicing you correctly for your goods and services?

  • Comprehensive Auditing of all commercial terms and intent
  • Securely Check your goods and services against invoices
  • Shine Light on complex supply relationships and performance
  • Identify Errors before payments are made

Spend Insights

Do you want to procure better?

  • Spend Smarter with live, data-driven insights - where, when & how you want them
  • Interactive Dashboards and reports that enable you to delve into the detail
  • Improve Processes by identifying efficiencies
  • Manage Risk with a tool that works for your business

Fraud Insights

Procurement fraud is estimated at 5% of business expenditure

  • Risk analysis proactive data analytics reduces fraud loss by 54%
  • Secure Audit of supplier-employee collusion
  • Analyse all recurrent contracts & payments to ensure legitimacy
  • Identify fraudulent supplier accounts & invoices

Promotional Effectiveness Insights

Do you want to understand your promotions at a per-product level?

  • Analyse all cost, margin & sales data
  • Generate Insights into footfall and sales trends
  • Understand basket-mix, product cannibalisation and pull-forward
  • Optimise product availability and forward buying costs

Promotional Funding Insights

Do you want visibility of your funding position at the click of a button?

  • Calculate funding against agreed terms
  • Recover historic funding errors
  • Save Time, Improve Accuracy remove reliance on spreadsheets & manual calculations
  • Full Audit Trail ensures compliance

Your data is giving you the answers, we give you the tools to unlock the answers

Visual data exploration with professional reports and diagrams - make your business decisions with data driven insights

Identify issues quickly with smart visualisations – your data is simplified in a graphical format, that is easy to interpret

Immediately see anomalies, exactly where they are in the world - Embedded geospatial-mapping capabilities with an interactive dashboard

Data analytics - make real-time, data-driven decisions 

How we realise your data’s potential

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